Tara Jaye Frank

Consultant. Writer. Speaker.

Tara Jaye Frank grew up in the dense Cape Verdean community of New Bedford, Massachusetts, with a mother who gave her roots, and a father who gave her wings. She left a large tight-knit family in New Bedford at eighteen years old to attend Spelman College, a historically black women’s institution in Atlanta, where she learned the true meaning of “girl power”. Upon graduation, Tara Jaye joined Hallmark Cards, Inc. as a greeting card writer. The twenty-year career journey that followed included a blend of creative and business leadership experience, teaching and learning…leading and following. Through it all, she was anchored by the company’s mission to enrich lives, and inspired by the brilliant and passionate people with whom she shared that mission.

In 2013, Tara Jaye’s own life purpose brought her to Dallas, Texas, where she now resides with her rock-star husband, four of their six children, and their two dogs. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and more. She has been all these things while working as an executive, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Many have asked Tara Jaye how she does it all, but time and experience have revealed a fresh perspective on what appears to be a juggling act.

Tara Jaye is, at her core, an advisor. She helps people solve culture-based and leadership problems through strategic thinking, creativity, and collaboration. She brings clarity to chaos and life to stagnant situations and professional environments. When employees understand where they’re going, what’s expected, why it matters, and how they contribute, everything changes for the better.