Tuesday, September 24

Tuesday, September 24 | 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm

Collaborative Learning Sessions and Executive Track Repeat

Collaborative Learning Sessions

Pushback: How Smart Women Ask for What They Want

Pushback provides a reliable and methodical approach for taking a firm position on the issues that matter most to you. Focusing on how women can hone their negotiation skills and techniques, Rezvani addresses the most pressing questions that professional women face as they prepare to make a stand on tough topics we all grapple with at work and in life.

Women's Leadership Author, Speaker, and Consultant
Be Leaderly

Understanding Your Leadership Style

Anyone can lead and lead well – as long as you know who you are, how you show up and how to use your gifts. Leadership expert Price takes us on a journey to self that culminates in the kind of clarity that will benefit even the most experienced leader.

Lively Paradox

Close Your Power Gaps and Rock Your Career at the Highest Level: 7 Essential Ways to Create Your True Career Breakthrough

Thousands of professional women around the world have achieved some great success in their careers and earned their place in today's business world that was inaccessible to them only decades ago. But many also continue to encounter serious roadblocks and challenges that prevent them from reaching their highest potential and experiencing the impact, reward, fulfillment and influence they want and deserve.

Join Kathy Caprino, M.A. in this insight- and strategy-filled interactive coaching workshop that will help you take the reins on your career, and learn how to access the necessary power - both internally and externally -- to achieve your most thrilling visions of impact, reward and influence in your work and professional life. Drawing on groundbreaking research and her upcoming book Close Your Power Gaps from HarperCollins Leadership in 2020, participants will learn about the most damaging power gaps that 98% of professional women are facing today, and how to overcome them.

Career Success Coach
Author and Leadership Trainer

Speak and Present with Poise, Power and Persuasion

In this content-driven, entertaining and interactive session, you will learn to use your stories and style to drive results. Face a camera, customer or colleague with confidence and control. Be that dynamic, magnetic presenter that everyone remembers, long after your presentation is over.

World Champion Speaker and Executive Coach
Founder and CEO
Ed Tate & Associates, LLC

Executive Track

The People We Mean to Be

There is often a stark difference between the people we mean to be and the impact we have on those around us. In this session, we will explore how identity, unconscious bias and systemic racism show up in our lives and in our work. We will use growth mindset to build the skills to engage, listen, reflect and identify steps we can take to build a more equitable workplace and world.

Coach and Trainer

A Conversation: How Some Men Think About Women in Business and What Women Can Do About It

At least once in your career, you may have asked yourself, “What do my male colleagues REALLY think about my ability to lead this business?” You may have felt some inexplicable barrier in meetings, when presenting, while working on assignments, in performance discussions, when you provide constructive feedback, or in informal conversations about life, liberty and the pursuit.  It doesn’t happen with all men, but you may wonder if even a few seeds of doubt create a systematic disadvantage for you and other women at your company. Turns out, there are a few things women might be interested in knowing about some men’s perspectives of women in business. In this real, raw, and sometimes humorous session, D. Keith Pigues, women’s leadership advocate and C-Suite Advisor, will lead a discussion on several key issues women face uniquely on the ascent to the top and the strategies they can employ to navigate them.

Luminas Strategy
and Author of Winning with Customers

“Let Your Freak Flag Fly”

Fly your freak flag! In this refreshingly interactive session, you will explore the significance of being true to yourself – as an individual, group, team, or organization. You will learn that authenticity is a lifelong journey of awareness, acceptance, integrity, and intention. Welcoming greater authenticity allows our relationships to flourish as we learn to appreciate the inner “freak” in everyone. Discover how to unleash this awesome power in your work and life.

Workplace Culture Speaker, Author, and Consultant