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September 20-22

Virtual Event

Summit: Share your fire with passionate professionals 

Summit 2021 will feature one of the finest athletes of this or any century, Serena Williams, as closing keynote speaker! Other highlights include keynote speakers Lex Gillette, Paralympic Track and Field Athlete for Team USA and winner of a silver medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and Mariana Atencio, Peabody-award winning journalist and author. 

NEW Leadership Summit is more than a conference – it’s a movement for what’s NEXT. Our biggest event of the year, Summit is a three-day conference open to attendees at any stage of their career. Deep dive into DEI&B best practices, get the tools you need to be a better leader, and learn from the unique perspectives that will change your outlook. At Summit, you’ll recharge in the company of visionaries, and connect deeply with those that share your fire. 

SummitHeadshot_MarianaAtencio (1).png



Network of Executive Women (NEW) is a growing community of 13,000 professional women representing nearly 900 organizations dedicated to Advancing All Women. Our 300+ national and regional corporate sponsors support our mission and use our solutions to support women at work. 

We support women, particularly women of color, and build allies with corporate DEI&B training and leadership development programs. Our 22 regions hold 175+ events every year, on topics from leading through change to DEI&B best practices.  

Above all, at NEW, we support each other in our personal journeys to success - and we build better, more diverse, more inclusive workplaces. 

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